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IBAN to check: NL42DEUT0466964617


This IBAN has the correct length for this country (Netherlands).


Bankleitzahl (bank code) DEUT: This Bankleitzahl (bank code) is correct.


Account number 0466964617: The account number contains a valid checksum.


IBAN NL42DEUT0466964617: The IBAN checksum is correct.


This is a valid IBAN.

IBAN: NL42DEUT0466964617   

BIC: please check which one of these BICs is the correct one:

  • found in directory: DEUTNL2N   
  • found in directory: DEUTNL2A

Bank: Deutsche Bank A.G. (not

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.

SEPA Direct Debit is supported.

B2B is supported.

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is not supported.

Data valid as of: ---.

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